Sleep Tight: Choosing Safe and Secure Baby Monitors for Peace of Mind

Discover how to ensure your baby's safety and your peace of mind with our guide on selecting safe and secure baby monitors for sound sleep.


9/8/20233 min read

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RBG rating: 5/5 - RBG's WINNING PICK!
Why we love it? Digital security without internet connectivity... amazing!
When do you buy this? Newborn
Drawbacks? Poor battery life

Design and Setup: The DXR-8 Pro shares a lot of similarities with its non-Pro counterpart. Though it's design may come across as somewhat dated, it doesn't compromise on usability. Setting it up is a breeze, and the interface is refreshingly simple, making it accessible even for those who aren't tech-savvy.

Functionality: The DXR-8 Pro performs as expected without frequent glitches or confusing features. It provides the essential monitoring functions without unnecessary complications, which is a relief for parents seeking a hassle-free experience.

This monitor is quick to connect, provides a clear picture, and I've had no issues with its noise-canceling feature, contrary to some reviews. One of my favorite aspects is the ability to dim the screen very low for nighttime use, perfect for moms like me who prefer seeing their baby without using night mode. It connects almost instantly, within a second, which is a major improvement compared to my previous monitor that took a frustrating 15 seconds to connect. The pan feature is fantastic, especially with my mobile baby, and the option to connect multiple cameras for different rooms is a great bonus. Lastly, unlike most cameras in this market that require an internet connection, this device connects directly between units without needing the internet.

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RBG rating: 4/5
Why we love it? Easy to use, lower EMF
When do you buy this? Newborn
Drawbacks? Expensive

Enhanced Features and Connectivity: 1080p camera with more options, and a breathing band for movement monitoring. Seamless connectivity directly via WiFi (works without WiFi), offering flexibility in monitoring within larger homes or spaces with barriers.

User-Friendly App and Effective Monitoring: Easy-to-use application, simplifying monitoring experience. There is an array of useful features designed to keep you informed about your baby's well-being and activities.

Sound Quality and Pricing: While the Nanit Pro excels in many aspects, it falls short in sound quality and lags behind top WiFi baby monitors in video performance. Additionally, it's priced higher than competitors, especially if you're on a tight budget or seeking a more budget-friendly option without compromising on essential features.

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RBG rating: 4/5
Why we love it? Good video quality and lots of features!
When do you buy this? Newborn
Drawbacks? Delayed camera control is annoying

Feature-Rich Design: The iBaby M8 stands out with its adorable round design and a plethora of features that outshine most competitors. It's safe to say that if you want it, this monitor probably has it. From ceiling projection to a night light and 2-way talk, it's well-equipped to enhance your baby-monitoring experience.

Video and Sound Quality: When it comes to video and sound quality, the iBaby M8 doesn't disappoint. You can expect great video clarity and better-than-average sound, ensuring you stay connected to your baby without compromise.

Minor Lag in Camera Adjustments: One drawback is the slight delay in camera adjustments when using the app. Precision pan and scan may not be its strong suit, but for most parents, this won't be a significant issue. Typically, you'll position the camera directly on your baby's crib without the need for adjusting the camera.

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