The Best Baby Diaper Pails of 2023

Explore our expert guide to the top baby diaper pails in 2023. Find the perfect solution for odor control and convenience, ensuring a seamless diaper disposal experience for both you and your little one.


9/14/20232 min read

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RBG rating: 5/5 - RBG's WINNING PICK!
Why we love it? Best odor control, easy to use and just works
When do you buy this? Newborn
Drawbacks? A tad expensive

Efficient Odor Control with Clever Features: The Munchkin Step diaper pail is a smart choice for odor-conscious parents. Its one-hand, step-to-open design minimizes odors during diaper disposal, while a built-in baking soda insert lid and lavender-scented bag refill ring work together to combat even the toughest smells. Plus, with each purchase, Munchkin contributes to reforestation efforts, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Potential Odor Challenges and Proprietary Bags: While the twist seal action is effective, it may struggle as the pail fills up, and the plastic walls can absorb odors over time. Additionally, this diaper pail requires proprietary bags, which can add to the overall cost of diapering. The lavender scent may not be suitable for those sensitive to fragrances.

Customizable Convenience for Odor-Free Diapering: Despite the potential drawbacks, the Munchkin Step offers customizable convenience, allowing you to remove only a portion of the bag when emptying the pail. If you're willing to invest in a triple-defense strategy against diaper odors and don't mind ongoing expenses, the Munchkin Step is a solid choice for your baby's nursery.

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RBG rating: 4/5
Why we love it? Easy to use and effective baby-proof-lock
When do you buy this? Newborn
Drawbacks? Opening the lid, you can definitely smell what's stewing

Exceptional Material and Durability: The Ubbi sets itself apart with a powder-coated stainless steel design, a refreshing departure from traditional plastic diaper pails. This robust material not only ensures durability but also allows for an easy transition to a regular trash can once the diaper phase is over.

Superior Odor Control: The stainless steel construction of the Ubbi proves to be a game-changer in odor management. Unlike plastic alternatives, stainless steel doesn't absorb odors, resulting in noticeably reduced scents even with the lid closed. Our sniff tests revealed minimal odor leakage, making it an excellent choice for maintaining a fresh environment.

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