Bottoms Up: The Baby Diaper Cream Showdown

The top-rated baby changing diaper cream for ultimate diaper rash defense in our comprehensive review. Keep your little one's skin happy and healthy with our expert recommendations.


9/10/20232 min read

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RBG rating: 5/5 - RBG's WINNING PICK!
Why we love it? Natural ingredients and no petrolatum
When do you buy this? Newborn
Drawbacks? The metal tubing can weaken over time with bending

Natural: Its formula includes 12% zinc oxide and natural ingredients like beeswax, calendula flower extract, and sweet almond oil. It contains no petrolatum, synthetic fragrances, or preservatives, making it safe for babies.

Protective: This cream forms a protective, breathable barrier that helps heal sensitive, dry skin.

Note: that the metal tube packaging can weaken and split with frequent bending, potentially causing cream leakage. While it has a mild and unique scent, it may not appeal to everyone. For more severe diaper rashes, consider the Boudreaux's Butt Paste before bedtime which protects against wetness, which is more of a concern at night due to fewer diaper changes.

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RBG rating: 4/5
Why we love it? A complete and necessary package!
When do you buy this? Newborn
Drawbacks? A tad expensive

Versatile Baby Ointment: We use it as a protective barrier for diaper changes.

Rash-Free Results: Regular application has kept our baby's skin free from rashes, redness, and irritation.

All-Around Moisturizer: This ointment is effective for moisturizing our baby's entire body, including her face.

Clears Baby Acne: It even helped clear up baby acne and reduced redness on her body.

Suitable for Newborns and Beyond: Highly recommended for newborns and older babies.

Generous Application: Apply generously, especially in the diaper area and skin folds, for enhanced protection.

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RBG rating: 4/5
Why we love it? Thick and effective!
When do you buy this? Newborn
Drawbacks? May be overkill for a daily cream

Ultimate Max Strength Solution: Soothing your baby's irritated skin? Look no further than Boudreaux's Butt Paste Max Strength. With an impressive 40% zinc oxide content, it's the highest among its competitors. Plus, this formula is gentle on your baby's skin, free from dyes, parabens, preservatives, and talc. Good to have one of these on hand incase maximum strength is needed.

What we love about it is the thick consistency, meaning a little goes a long way. For those pesky diaper rashes, applying it before bedtime can work wonders, providing extra protection, especially when overnight diaper changes are less frequent.

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