Top 3 Baby Bottles for Feeding: A Guide for Happy and Healthy Babies

Discover the top 3 baby bottles that prioritize your little one's comfort and nutrition. Our comprehensive guide will help you make an informed choice for a joyful feeding experience.


10/1/20232 min read

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Comotomo Baby Bottle for FeedingComotomo Baby Bottle for Feeding

RBG rating: 5/5 - RBG's WINNING PICK!
Why we love it? Good materials, breast-like nipple, easy to clean
When do you buy this? Newborn
Drawbacks? Can tip over easily

Eco-Friendly and Baby-Approved Design: Comotomo stands out with its eco-friendly silicone material and a breast-like nipple, providing a soft and familiar feel for babies during feeding. The bottle's three-part assembly and wide-neck design simplify cleaning and minimize milk-to-plastic contact, ensuring a safe and hygienic feeding experience.

Gentle and Efficient Feeding Experience: The softer-than-average nipple with dual vents reduces air ingestion, promoting comfortable feeding while minimizing the risk of gas or discomfort for your baby. However, due to the pliable nature of silicone, there's a possibility of a slight milk stream when pressure is applied, resembling a natural breastfeeding experience.

User-Friendly with Durable Build: The Comotomo bottle's durability stems from its high-quality silicone and design. Though its flexibility can make it susceptible to tipping, the wide base ensures stability during feeding. While a narrow base may cause tipping, the overall benefits outweigh these minor inconveniences, making Comotomo a highly recommended choice for both parents and babies alike.

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Boon Nursh Baby Bottle for FeedingBoon Nursh Baby Bottle for Feeding

RBG rating: 4.5/5
Why we love it? Easy to clean, solid base
When do you buy this? Newborn
Drawbacks? Hard to read volume, stiffer nipple

Innovative Design for Gas Reduction: Boon Nursh stands out with its ventless system, utilizing a silicone drop-in pouch that collapses as the baby drinks, minimizing gas-producing bubbles and reducing potential discomfort for babies. The wide neck opening eases bottle preparation, and the breast-like wide nipple mound enhances the feeding experience for infants.

Sturdy Construction with Minor Nipple Considerations: The solid plastic shell of Boon Nursh provides excellent stability, a notable advantage over traditional silicone bottles. While the nipple is a bit stiffer than preferred, this design choice helps prevent nipple collapse, crucial for the anti-colic mechanism based on vacuum and minimal air intake. Additionally, volume markings could be more distinct for improved visibility. Overall, Boon Nursh impresses with its innovative approach and potential benefits for burpy babies.

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Philips Avent Glass Baby Bottle for FeedingPhilips Avent Glass Baby Bottle for Feeding

RBG rating: 4/5
Why we love it? Glass option is easy to clean
When do you buy this? Newborn
Drawbacks? Heavier and no sleeve

Traditional Glass Build: This baby bottle offers a classic glass construction, a durable and eco-friendly option for parents seeking an alternative to plastic. However, the glass material makes the bottle relatively heavy, which could be a drawback for both parents handling the bottle and babies during feeding.

Nipple Performance Considerations: While the glass bottle is sturdy, some babies may find it challenging to feed comfortably from the provided nipple. Adjustments to the nipple design could enhance the overall feeding experience and make this classic glass bottle a more user-friendly option.

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